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Admissions Process

To maintain high-quality education, class sizes are kept small intentionally. This means that our classes fill up quickly. If classes have reached their capacity, the remaining available space is given to waitlisted students on a first-come basis for qualified students. Interested families must start the admissions process early to obtain a seat in our classrooms. 

                                         If you are interested in enrolling your student please call 727-345-2141 or click here to see about
                                                                       scheduling a school tour and getting an Application Packet!

The application process for students interested in enrolling at Gulfcoast Seventh-day Adventist School is as follows:

  • Complete Application and Application Fee is paid first

  • All documentation is submitted to the school

    • Official school-sanctioned report cards with the signature of a school official
      • Must include any IEPs, 504 Plans, School Psychological, Behavioral and Social Evaluations if existing
      • Attendance Records
      • Standardized Test Scores
      • All school records will be verified with the original school 
    • Homeschooled Students (additional documentation needed):
      • Letter from County District of Schools stating readiness
      • Copies of all standardized Test Scores (in absence of scores, additional standardized exams may be assessed before acceptance)
      • Portfolio of writing and math assignments completed in homeschooling 
    • Two Recommendations with one being from a previous teacher
    • Copies of:
      • Notarized Medical Consent
      • Birth Certificate
      • Florida Student Health Examination (DH Form 3040) completed within the last 6 months
      • Current Immunization Record (DH Form 680) OR Religious Exemption Form
      • Financial Contract
    • Technology Use and Safety Policy
    • Photo Release Policy
    • Student Handbook Policy Agreement
  • NWEA MAP Placement Exams
    • Mathematics
    • Language Arts
    • In-School Writing Sample (Grade appropriate)
  • Admissions Committee
    • All documentation must be submitted before an application will be examined by the Admissions Committee
  • Letter of Acceptance will be issued within one week of a decision by the Admissions Committee
  • Registration Fees are due upon accepting enrollment status (acceptance of a student must take place before registration fees and tuition is paid).
  • Probationary Acceptance- All students are accepted on a probationary status for nine weeks. Students may be given a longer probationary term when merited. 


Admissions Committee

The Gulfcoast SDA School Board Elects an Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee will determine and recommend that a student in question should be accepted, accepted with additional academic and/or behavioral probation, or that a student NOT be accepted. The Admissions Committee and the School Administration reserves the right to refuse admission based on the following: 

  1. Failure of parents and/ or students to support Gulfcoast SDA’s Mission Statement and Student Conduct Agreement
  2. Behavioral Record
  3. Academic Reason
  4. Irregular Attendance and/or excessive tardiness
  5. Special needs exceeding Gulfcoast SDA's services
  6. Non-compliance with counseling stipulation
  7. Previous debt to Gulfcoast SDA or other schools (until satisfactory financial arrangements have been made by parents or guardians and by providing arrangements in writing to the Admissions Committee).


Probationary Status

All new students will be admitted on a three-month probationary period, and parents will be made aware of this once approval for admission has been granted. For students with academic or behavioral concerns, a review may occur at any time during the probationary period and must occur at the end of the first grading period or at the end of the three month period to evaluate if the plan is working appropriately, revise it, or make a different decision to benefit the student. 


Yearly Re-enrollment

All current students are encouraged to re-enroll during January through May.  Students on probationary status will be brought to the Admissions Committee for review upon completion of an enrollment application and registration fees. The Admissions Committee will determine whether students on probation will be accepted or NOT accepted for the coming year. Registration Fees are non-refundable, except students on probation who are NOT accepted for the coming year. 

Many classes fill quickly. No guarantee will be made of a place in a class for the coming school year for late re-enrollment applications.


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